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Custom Collaboration

Tailored voiceover solutions with personalized touch, ensuring your project’s individual needs are met with precision.


Efficient Workflow

Seamless process that prioritizes speed without compromising quality, delivering exceptional voiceovers on time.


Adaptable Pricing

Flexible rates that cater to diverse budgets while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and performance.

The super Voiceover Team's signal beacon for when you need their  heroic talent!

Meet the Caped Crusader’s At The Mic!

About Us

Super Voiceover Duo is the brainchild of two passionate voices driven by a mission to enhance audio and video productions with dynamic and captivating narrations that engage the audiences.

Light the Super VO signal and call in our Voice over super hero’s – Antony and Clark! This dynamic male and female voice talent team are at the mic and ready to be the hero’s you need for your project to succeed.

Be it an animation, your brand’s story, an audiobook, or an eLearning module, they will use their voiceover superpowers for good to create something the world will love to hear.

Whether you’re looking for a protagonist, hero, warrior, villain, child, or creature, your audience will be blown away by their fantastic character voices. Your boss will thank you for saving all that casting time with Antony and Clark as your Voice Over Super Team answering your call.

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Corporate Narration

Engaging voiceovers for corporate presentations and training materials.

Unrecognizable vocal artist singing in recording studio

Video Game Characters

Bring video game characters to life with unique and captivating voices.

eLearning Modules

Clear, instructional voiceovers for educational digital content and courses.

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The Super Voiceover Duo stands out with its personalized approach, fast turnarounds, and competitive pricing.

Personalized Touch
Fast Turnarounds
Competitive Pricing

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